Parties are big at small or large schools. College kids love to socialize. It is not all about studying, my friend. On a university campus, one party is a drop in the bucket. On a smaller one, it is a major school-wide event and everyone is invited. This is what I like about them – very democratic. No one is excluded. Larger schools can be clannish with people dividing up into groups. If you are an outsider, it hurts. A chance to have fun and let go is part of college life, the more raucous the better. I didn’t even mind when I participated and things got a bit out of hand. People smoked and threw the butts on the floor. They drank beer and crushed the cans before tossing them in the air, with a trail of liquid following behind.

We got to be experts at cleaning up since it was required. No one else was going to do it but the attendees, and many of them were in no condition to do anything useful. We waited until the next morning, which didn’t help dissipate the smell of stale beer and cigarettes. You could choke on it. I can still remember it as a phantom odor in my memory. After hauling everything away in trash bags, we got to work on the air quality of the venue. We opened windows and set up large electric fans. This is something you might not consider, but it works. If there was any residue remaining, any telltale sign of what happened in fun the night before, we sprayed the room with a good quality deodorizer. I got the idea on Facebook. It took a couple to times to become one hundred percent effective.

Burning a scented candle is surprisingly efficacious by the way. Let it burn until it is completely used up. Scouring the room’s surfaces with ammonia also helps. Clean up can be quick and easy if you know what to do. Hence the handy tips in today’s blog. My friends and I garnered a lot of experience! I remember it well, as Maurice Chevalier sang in the movie, Gigi, decades ago. How odd that it came to mind as I was writing this blog. It is as entrenched in my brain as stale cigarette smoke after a big party. The difference is that memories of the movie are far more pleasant.

Back to clean up tips. We tried to head off the mess of a student bash by putting large lined trash cans around the room. After the last person teeters home, we close them up, tie them closed, and carry them promptly to the outside trash bin behind the building. It’s a happy moment when you are all done and go on with your normal life—until the next party, that is. In my day, they were all the same. Maybe we had more or less food, but never fewer drinks!