Oxford has its traditions, and they should never be violated as they date back centuries, and having a portable basketball hoop in the common room isn’t one of them. Students are now straddling the fence and debating whether or not to add to their campus recreation. Usually, they save their energy for academic matters, but this controversy has invaded the hallowed halls. Why is it so important? Anything new is as a matter of fact. Students don’t like policy imposed on them unless it has been there for some time. Who even thought up the idea of the hoop anyway?

Rumor has it that a former player misses the game and needs some additional time to practice. It is not that Oxford has a team, mind you, but that this lanky fellow wants one of his own. While others are burying their noses in the proverbial books, he wants to be in the common room looking for a sports opportunity. He is sure others will follow and it will rise in popularity. He wants to convert others to his side. There are plenty of middle of the roaders who don’t care much one way or another, but they might be persuaded. He knows playing hoops can be addictive in any environment. Other supporters who agree know that a little exercise never hurt anyone and that diligent students often need a break now and then. Why not alleviate burnout with a portable basketball hoop from here  in a strategic location?

The common room at Oxford. Yikes! This is a sacred space for social engagement and relaxation. The proponents respond that what better form of relaxation is there than a rousing game of basketball? Opponents feel certain that Oxford is all about studying and discussing current events with fellow students and professors. They believe that Oxford’s traditional image should be maintained at all costs. Once you violate the historical aura, it could happen again and again. God forbid! You would think that these old fuddy duddies never heard of innovation and change. They don’t seem to know that the world is evolving constantly to become up to date. Those against the portable hoop don’t get it. Life should be a balance of academics and sports. Health is the buzzword these days in every sector of society. Do these naysayers want their muscles to atrophy along with their brains?

As it turns out, the portable hoop was eventually installed despite on-going protest. Enough free thinkers were supportive to convince the powers that be to take action. It was a happy day indeed for our original proponent who was the first to initiate the hoop. The moment was commemorated with a photo to be placed in the school paper. This would anger the opponents, but they have lost the battle and should retreat. Now it is clear that a true and well-rounded education is the hallmark of Regent’s College.