There has been much discussion about all of the things we liked about our time at Regent’s. Much of it had to do with friends and the fun that we had. One of the things we kept coming back to as the thing we all liked best about Regent’s was its size. It is one of the smaller colleges in all of Oxford.If that was not a selling point for us before we arrived, it became one once we experienced life at Regent’s. It was incredibly easy to make friends, and we had many opportunities to socialize. There is always something going on at Regent’s. It is home to the cheapest bar in all of Oxford and has one of the most well-appointed Junior Common Rooms around. It is always a hub of activity and converted into a dance hall quite nicely for Formal events! Unlike other colleges at Oxford, all year groups intermingle socially. We found it very easy to chat with upperclassmen and learn from their experiences. Another benefit to being a small place was the food. Meals were a great opportunity to spend time with fellow students, especially on Friday nights for Formal Hall. Because it was such a small community, most people made the effort to attend.

Another reason why Regent’s is a great place to be is that it boasts a great location. It was right in the middle of Oxford. You do not appreciate something like that quite as much reading this post as you do when your alarm does not go off and you roll out of bed with only five minutes to get to a class. We are not saying that did or did not happen to any of us, but it is more for informational purposes. You can probably ride your bike or walk everywhere you need to go. As a student that certainly helps the wallet! Another good thing about the location is that if you felt like getting out into the wider world, it was quite easy. There was always something happening around Oxford, and we had the ability to attend those events just as any other studentat Oxford. Oxford’s resources are second to none as well. The Bodleian Library—the main library at Oxford—is within walking distance. So are grocery stores and restaurants, and just about everything else a student might need.

Small schools in big places can be a smart choice. You get all the comforts of an extended family within your chosen location but you are easily connected to the larger world. University can be a scary and isolating experience for many. A large university can be incredibly intimidating for students—especially those of us who come from rural areas and have never experienced the fast pace of city life. Having somewhere familiar to go back to at the end of the day (or night, as it were) that has all the comforts of home is a wonderful asset.